Code Compliance

Code compliance is responsible for the enforcement of City Code as it pertains to property upkeep. The City operates under the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code (as amended) regarding issues including but not limited to high weeds and vegetation, trash and debris, inoperable vehicles, and dangerous structures. Additional enforcement of City Code is also handled by code compliance.

Rubbish, Garbage, and Debris

 It is the owner's and tenant's responsibility to keep a property free of garbage (animal or plant waste) and trash/rubbish (other waste) and dispose of refuse in approved containers. Property owners must provide approved trash containers that must not exceed 45 gallons and be sealed with a tight lid, unless otherwise approved by the city. Limit the weight of a filled container to below 100 pounds; additional containers will be required if unable to comply with the capacity or weight limit.

Construction and demolition debris must be removed. Click here to see the city landfill's operation times and fees.


Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles cannot be stored on a property for more than 30 days, and no vehicle can be in a state of disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled at any time. (Except in a garage or other similarly enclosed space, or in the act of conducting a business enterprise that complies with existing zoning regulations.)

Weeds and Vegetation

The City Compost Site is available for free disposal of tree limbs and yard clippings. Click here to view details.

Weed Notice Announcement

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs located within or adjacent to City right-of-way or sight distance triangle shall be kept in such a manner as to not obstruct visibility or passage along streets, alleys, or sidewalks. The owner may be required to remove or trim the tree or shrub if it poses a hazard or does not meet the required clearance of ten (10) feet above the street surface or right-of-way. Additionally, no vegetation or landscaping shall be over two and a half (2 1/2) feet above the bottom of the curb within a sight distance triangle.

City code allows owners to trim of any portion of trees or shrubs that overhang property lines, even if the trunk is located on an adjacent property. Trimming shall not extend beyond the shared property line.

Dead trees or shrubs, or any portion, must be removed from the property.

Yard growth (Grasses, Weeds, and other Vegetation)

Property owners are required to maintain all yard growth from the center line of any adjacent streets and alleys. This includes ditches, slopes, and around culverts between streets and alleys and property lines. The yard must be kept below twelve (12) inches in height. Weed Notices will be issued if any portion of a property is in violation of this requirement. Weed Notices are sent once per calendar year; any additional violations within the calendar year will not be sent notice and will be immediately released for abatement.

What is a weed or wild growth?
  1. Brush and woody vines

  2. Indigenous grasses that attain large growth and may become a fire hazard

  3. Growth that may bear downy or winged seeds

  4. Growth that harbors pests or vermin

  5. Non-ornamental grasses or plants that are 12 inches in height