Council Filing Information

  • The filing deadline is noon of the Tuesday preceding by 10 weeks the 1st Tuesday in April
  • A candidate may file by fee or by petition. The filing fee is $10.00. Filing by petition requires signatures of 50 qualified electors of the council district or signatures of a number of such qualified electors of the district equal to not less than 1% of the ballots cast in the district at the last general city election, whichever is less. The fee or petition must be filed with the City Clerk along with the required forms.
  • Forms required, whether filing by fee or petition, include a Candidate's Declaration of Intention and a Statement of Substantial Interest for Local Office. A Local Office Affidavit of Exemption form may be used if the candidate expects to receive and spend less than $500 in the Primary and receive and spend less than $500 in the General.

Filing forms are available in the Clerk's Office.
If filing by petition, the petition form is available on the Kansas Secretary of State's website

Council Meetings

  • Held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers located at the City Administration Center, 317 S. Washington Ave.