Open Records

Most records maintained by public entities are open for inspections and/or copying for individuals. The Kansas Open Records Act recognizes that some records contain information which is private in nature. For this reason, a citizen wanting to inspect or obtain a copy of a public record should inquire with the City Clerk's Office.

The record custodian, or Freedom of Information Officer will determine whether the information you are requesting is an open record. You may be asked to submit your request for information in writing. The request for information should be as specific as possible so that your request may be filled accurately, and completely.

Most records will be produced within three business days from the time the request is received. If the request is denied, you will receive a written explanation for the delay or denial. Fees for open record requests are based on the time required for an employee to produce and/or reproduce the record.

The City Clerk serves as the Freedom of Information Officer, and is available in case of disputes about whether or not a record is "public".

"A Guide to Open Public Records" brochure and request for open record forms are available at the City Clerk's Office.