Prairie Lawn Cemetery

Contact Information

1422 East Harvey
Wellington, KS 67152
James Hearlson--Caretaker
Roy Kabureck--Department Supervisor

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Wellington Cemetery Department staff numbers two full-time employees and one summer laborer, who are supervised by the Park/Cemetery Supervisor under the general management of the Director of Public Works. Cemetery Department employees are responsible for the maintenance of Prairie Lawn Cemetery (41.7 acres) and Pioneer Cemetery (2.70 acres). The Cemetery has averaged 61 burials per year over the last five years. The Cemetery employees are responsible for the following functions and services:

  • Working with the public providing information and the sale of lots. Works with funeral directors in coordinating the use of the cemetery for burials.
  • Works with veteran groups in locating and placement of new flag sleeves and the distribution and pick-up of flagpoles for the Memorial Day Avenue of Flags display.
  • Provides the service of digging and back-filling graves, disinterments and reinterments and the settling and leveling of graves.
  • Provides for a beautiful cemetery by mowing, weed eating, planting of gardens, removing dead trees, spraying for insects and weeds and trimming of bushes.
  • Enforcing the rules and regulations of the cemetery and inspecting monument placement.
  • Responsible for performing building maintenance on the mausoleum, flag pole building, cemetery office and storage garages.
  • Other services provided are: assists the Park Department with snow removal downtown, assists the Street Department with storm damage removal, performs machinery and vehicle maintenance, fills pot holes and drags roads in the Cemetery, trims trees, straightens monuments and maintains accurate records.

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