Street Department

Contact Information

19 Industrial Ave.
Wellington, Ks 67152
Darren Vargas -- Street Supervisor  
PH -- 620-326-7831  

The Wellington Street Department employs 10 personnel; supervisor, equipment operators, and a mechanic. We cover a wide variety of tasks ranging from street repair, tree removal, signs, drainage, street cleaning, alleys, mowing city rights-of-way, as well as snow and ice removal. The Street Department staff is responsible for the following functions and services:

  • Maintenance of all roadways in Wellington, which include 31 miles of asphalt, 14 miles of concrete, 16 miles of asphalt seal coat, and 7 miles of gravel.  The department also maintains all bridges, alleyways, curbs and gutters, mosquito control, and ADA ramps in the city.
  • Street maintenance includes repairing potholes, sealing cracked roadway, removing and replacing dangerous street surfaces, sweeping sand and debris from the roadway, removing snow and ice from major arterials, sanding streets and bridges for safe travel in the winter. Snow Policy
  • Promotion of traffic and pedestrian safety by striping roadways, crosswalks, parking spaces, and restricted parking on street surfaces and curbs.  Traffic safety also includes maintenance of all street, directional, and traffic control signs throughout the city.
  • Promotion of a clean and beautiful community by keeping public rights-of-way, drainage ways, and city-owned lands mowed and trimmed.  Street employees also mow private properties for which weed notices have expired and spray for weeds on public property where necessary.
  • Removal or trimming of dead or storm-damaged trees within the public rights-of-way, as well as trimming and removing trees or other sight barriers that inhibit the ability of drivers to safely use the streets and alleys.
  • Enhancement of vehicle and community safety by providing traffic controls and cleanup operations after storms, accidents or other dangerous incidents. The department also assists with traffic controls for special community events and street closings.
  • Maintenance of storm sewer inlets, underground storm water system, ditches, culverts, and downtown drainage flumes to allow storm water to recede as quickly as possible.
  • Protect the public from the nuisance and health concerns brought about by mosquitoes by adhering to a program of fogging throughout the community during times of heavy mosquito infestation and by treating areas of standing water with anti-mosquito products that are environmentally safe to use. Mosquito Spraying Schedule
  • Maintenance of the community compost and state-approved burn site by using heavy equipment to keep brush in a controlled area, turning compost as needed, and burning the brush pile when conditions safely allow.
  • Internal services include, mechanical maintenance of department and other city-owned equipment, assisting other city departments by hauling materials, providing concrete work, removing trees, repairing utility cuts in streets, and providing labor when necessary.