Water Production

Water Production Supervisor - Mike Clift

Assistant City Manager for Utilities an IT - Jason Newberry

511 SW Lake Road, Wellington, KS 67152

Business Hours PH -- 620-434-5353

After Hours Contact PH -- 620-326-2562

The Water Production Plant was built in 1996. It is capable of producing over 5 million gallons per day. Water from the Wellington Lake, multiple wells, and the Chickaskia River is treated to provide water to the City, 3 Rural Water Districts and the City of Mayfield. To date, peak production has been 3.3 million gallons, so the Water Plant should be able to provide all of the water needed for our current customers. 

The raw water is treated with Alum and Hydrated Lime as it enters the plant which causes Flocculation which causes the dirt particles to come together much like snow flakes. These settle out in a process called Sedimentation and are removed. The water is then Filtered to remove any remaining particles. We Disinfect the water with Chlorine, and add Fluoride as the last step before it leaves the plant.

A staff of 4 controls water production. Each operator is school trained with mandatory testing and certification by the state. They aggressively run the plant and monitor the water to provide quality water to each customer.

The Consumer Confidence Report is your source for our water quality information. It details all of the mandated testing, which is required by State and Federal Law. In addition to the required tests, the staff performs quality checks at least every 2 hours, up to 250 per day.

Please click here to view our CCR report.

Due to changing security issues, tours of the Water Plant are no longer possible