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City Manager

Responsibilities of the City Manager:

Administration for the City of Wellington is directed from the City Manager, who is responsible for daily management, administrative and professional duties as the Chief Executive Officer of the City.

The City Manager is responsible for all City departments and is expected to deliver a high degree of independence, initiative and pr  ofessional expertise in the administration and day-to-day management of the City in accordance with policy established by the Governing Body, State and federal laws, regulations and guidelines.

Responsibilities include directing the development and administration of the City's approved budget and capital improvement program; and overseeing development, planning and implementation of strategic goals and objectives to meet the operational needs of the City.

We welcome you to view the most recent  City Manager Newsletter.  Newsletters for the previous 6 months can be found in the Document Center.   

The April 2020 Housing Analysis, prepared by the Wichita State University Public Policy and Management Center can be found here and in the Document Center.  

The Street Closing/Special Event Request form must be completed and submitted to the City via the City Manager's Office 30 days prior to the closing/event date.  If the request is for a residential area, a Resident Signature Approval form must be submitted, as well. The forms can also be found in the Document Center.