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Tornado/Storm Shelter Locations

There are two facilities in the City of Wellington that serve as public tornado/storm shelter locations. Both are open 24 hours a day.

1323 N. A. Street
South side of hospital, East parking lot by maintenance building, enter door marked as tornado shelter.
Pets in carriers allowed.


1600 W. 8th Street (West US160)
West parking lot behind the building, enter door marked as tornado shelter.
Pets in carriers allowed.

Outdoor Warning Siren System Information

The City of Wellington has an Outdoor Warning Siren System consisting of eight sirens. Seven sirens are located across the City in various locations, and a siren is located at the Wellington Lake Recreation Area near the Lake Office. The warning sirens are sounded when the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning that includes the City of Wellington, Wellington Municipal Airport, or the Wellington Lake Recreation Area individually or all within the Tornado Warning boundaries/path. The siren at the Wellington Lake Recreation Area may be activated individually and sounded by Lake Recreation staff, if deemed necessary due to damaging winds or conditions that could threaten boaters or campers.

Outdoor warning sirens are only designed to be heard while you are outside. Many people rely on them as a warning system wherever they are but do not realize that they likely will not hear them indoors. Sirens have an audible footprint of one to two miles, meaning that you must be within that distance, in any direction of the siren to be able to hear it. Keeping that in mind, during the rain and hail that comes along with many severe storms, it becomes even harder to hear a siren at a distance. Wind speed and direction will also affect that sound range. Outdoor warning sirens are a valuable tool in helping to keep the public safe, but they should not be the only way that you get warned about dangerous weather. If severe weather is forecast, you should remain alert and listen to your nearest television or radio news station that has severe weather coverage or listen to a NOAA weather radio to stay informed. If you have a smart phone, there are several apps available that provide you the ability to receive weather warnings/alerts to your phone when issued by the National Weather Service.

The City’s outdoor warning siren system is tested every Monday, at noon, weather permitting. If there is severe weather in the forecast at the time of the test or if current weather conditions could cause public confusion, the test may be cancelled.