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Fire Pits/Open Burning

Fire Pits within the City:

  • Fire pits must be 3 feet or less in diameter (including the height of the fire)

  • Fire pits must be used for recreation-cooking food, socializing, etc….  It cannot be used for burning trash, yard waste, etc…

  • There must be a ten foot clearing from the fire pit in all directions.  This includes overhanging trees, bushes, weeds, furniture and/or any structure.

  • Fire must be attended at all times.

  • You must have a way to extinguish the fire with you at all times.  i.e.: a water hose, shovel and dirt, or a fire extinguisher

Open Burning Rules within the City – Permit Required from the Fire Department:

  • Winds during the burn must be less than 6 mph.  If winds increase during the burn, the fire must be extinguished until conditions improve.

  • Only brush or clean wood, allowed by the Fire Department, can be burned.

  • Materials to be burned cannot be located any closer than 150 feet from a structure, a power line, a tree line, or other combustible material.

  • The responsible party must have access to water or have on hand tools/equipment capable of extinguishing the fire. 

  • The ignition material cannot be gasoline alone.  A mixture of ½ diesel and ½ gasoline is allowed.

  • The burn cannot impact neighboring homes or businesses.  (Smoke travel)

  • Burning is only allowed during daylight hours.

  • The responsible party must attend the burn at all times until fully extinguished.

  • All debris left unburned must be removed within 14 days.

Failure to follow the rules will result in revocation of the burn permit and the possibility of a citation being issued.